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QCA Spas are built to be ozone "ready" so that you can easily add an ozone generator to your QCA Spa at a later date. The Del Ozone ozonator comes complete with a monitor window to assure it is constantly working.  It also includes a cord with an AMP style plug and a parts bag with included popette for mounting. The U03-Amp can be retrofitted or ordered as an accessory on new spas.

An ozone generator runs during your filter cycle to sanitize the water and it doesn't have the smell that bromine or chlorine adds to your water. Ozone does not bleach your hair or fade your clothes like harsh chemicals will do over time. There is less maintenance with an ozone generator and is the preferred choice for busy families. Ozone is "active oxygen", nature's special element; ozone is a natural purifier. Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer safely used in spas.
The U03-Amp corona discharge ozone system is considerably more efficient than UV systems and results in low power consumption (6.5 watts), lower heat generation, lower operating costs and lower replacement costs. AMP plug and cord included.

The isolated circuitry of the U03-Amp eliminates voltage spikes caused by starters and ballasts within a UV ozone product. Many UV products are notorious for upsetting spa-pack electronics. Benefits:
  • Ozone drastically reduces usage of chlorine and other oxidizers in pools and spa
  • Ozone reduces the need for pH adjustments
  • Ozone drastically reduces water changes
  • No testing, measuring, or storage -- Saves Time!
  • Ozone will not fade clothing or pool or spa surfaces
  • Ozone protects metal equipment from corrosion, extending the life of equipment and saving on costly repairs
  • Ozone reduces additives that are typical with traditional chemicals
  • Ozone eliminates foaming or "bathrub ring"
  • Ozone helps keep skin soft--will not dry skin or irritate eyes
  • Ozone costs about two to three cents per day to operate
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