"Compliment for management. I just got a QCA Mystic and had to talk to technical support prior to purchasing and after I got it delivered. Very easy to get someone on the phone and both Robert and Rob have been incredibly helpful getting all my issues resolved. Appreciate their assistance."


"I just wanted to give a thumbs up to your staff. The 2 guys I deal with knew their stuff and were also extremely pleasant (wish I could tell you their name but you can probably recall that from my sales receipt). I got screwed as a Canadian customer with the lack of the foaming via Home Depot but oh well. My new jets are in and it’s AWESOME. Best support guys I have ever dealt with in any industry."

Jason Dalio

"Five years ago we purchased a QCA Spa. This year after starting it up from being winterized we had a few problems. The customer support and technical support I received from Rob and Stan was outstanding. It is very nice to call a business and have a human being answer the phone instead of getting caught up in some frustrating phone tree system.

Rob and Stan both went the extra mile to help me troubleshoot my spa and get it running properly. I have been left with a very positive image of the company and feel confident in my purchase. I wish more companies would show the great customer service QCA Spas has shown me." 

Thank You,
Bryan Kassube

"I just wanted to write and compliment your company on your personal service. I have made and received several calls in the course of setting up delivery and correction of a defect in the cabinet of our new spa and everyone I have talked with has been friendly, courteous, and above all helpful. From the time the phone is answered, your personnel have given the impression they were there to serve me and made me feel as if I were the only customer they were concerned about at that time.

I especially would like to compliemnt Stan. He has unfailingly answered my questions, returned my calls. and been a pleasant and helpful person to talk with. He has answered my questions completely regardless of how small and made me feel special to deal with. I was sure after talking with him that he would either take care of the issue I had, give me an answer to my question ( no matter how trivial ), or call me back with a response even if he had to play "phone tag" with me.

We are thoroughly enjoying the QCA Spa we have. Thanks again for making the purchase and follow-up an enjoyable experience."

Marsha Hunter

"I would like to thank you for the outstanding customer service I always receive while in your business. I am from a small town and used to the friendly atmosphere that comes with and is hard to come by these days. However, I am always cheerfully greeted upon entering your store and immediately asked if I need assistance. We recently had a miscommunication on a product and you went above and beyond clearing it up. Also you have always been helpful and knowledgeable anytime I have called in with a question.

In this day and age where it seems like we are quick to complain when the job is not done right, I just felt it is only right to compliment someone on a job well done."

Shannon Hampson

"I wish to congratulate you on having, by far, the best customer service department I have ever had the opportunity to get involved with. Stan and Rob were a real pleasure to work with. Both showed complete product knowledge and a fantastic, cheery desire to help. Stan was fantastic in providing assistance and solving the problem over the phone. They are to be commended."

Thanks again,
Bob Benedetti

"On Thursday April 7th at about 7:30 am, I sent your company an email asking for advice with a heater problem on my new spa. Within an hour I received a reply with names and phones numbers of two technicians ( Pat and Bob ) who could help me. These guys were great. They understood my problem and even offered to stay late to assist me. Their knowledge and patience were unbelievable. I have never received such service from a company. Thank you very much and please pass along my appreciation to Bob and Ted."

Tom Czajka

"My letter is to inform you that I thankfully received my filters and they are exactly what I ordered. To say that it has been a delight to do business with you would be an understatement. I purchased my Spa at B.J's in 1996, it's performance has been exceptional, and we are very happy with it. I wish we could say the same about several of your dealers and distributors. Trying to locate a business who handles your filters has been difficult to say the least. We have been told on several phone calls "no mail orders" or "you have to come in" (in some cases it would have been a 200 mile round trip) and some dealers, "just couldn't be bothered since it was not purchased from them." In desperation, I decided to call your manufacturing facility and talked to Stacy, explaining the size and model of our Spa so that she could expedite the filter order. She said she would check on it and get back to us to advise on the shipping, which she most graciously did. She has been a joy to talk with. As a former business owner, I want you to know that it has been a pleasure to do business with a company and employees who are "honest" , keep their word, and follow through for their customers. Even with such a small order as mine has been. So many businesses these days "just don't care, or, are "too lazy and greedy" to help the customer with a small request. With your great attitude and employees like Stacy, our hat goes off to you. May we wish you many more years of an obviously successful business. Many thanks for your help in such a small matter."

SFC Richard R. Smalley

"Thank you for the technical support and attention to this matter. We were under the impression that this unit was a quality product. We believed this not having heard of your company, but for no other reason than the vendor we purchased it from is a long standing business in our community where we do much business. Now heaving dealt with you, Bob, and your company directly over the past couple of weeks and months, to remedy this problem, I know it firsthand to be true. Recently I recommended to my parents, who are in the market for a hot tub to seriously consider your company, both because we love the unit we purchased and moreover the warranty, and customer service have been outstanding! thanks again!"


"This is a "thank you" letter. I bought your St. Maarten XL Deep spa on August 10, 1998 at the Iowa State Fair and have been very satisfied with it. It does need some attention occasionally. About 6 months ago, I had to call QCA about a nozzle that leaked and was put in touch with Stan. He was very helpful and made sure that I got the right one for my not-new spa. Last week, when we came home from a vacation, the tub was only 84 degrees - power failure plus? I, again, called Stan and he told me exactly what to check for to be sure that the problem was the heater and nothing else. I called him a few days ago, and, together, we verified that it was only the heater that went bad - as well as getting the correct information needed to get the new one for my not-new tub. He was very patient and understanding. I work with electricity and plumbing, but still needed his invaluable guidance. I am also in sales (engineering) and parts sales, etc. and can all the more appreciate what a treasure you have in him. Please extend to him my heartfelt thanks."

Ray Berglund

"...Being a somewhat cynical American who is used to the current state of "customer service" in almost ALL areas of American retail I was not about to hold my breath... when shock of the century, Pat returns my call within 24 hours. We did play phone tag for another day or so, but that was no one's fault. Once I got Pat what he needed, I had a replacement part in my hands within another 24 hours. Be still my heart! Customer service is alive and well. Who would have known? Thank you for renewing my hope, and for being just odd enough to do what you said you would do. What a novel approach! Hats off to the Bob and Pat team. I will sing your praises with no other provocation than your great product (there are still some of those out there)and your superior service (not sure where you can go for that.. . except QCA Spas, of course). Again... thank you for the shock!

 ...a product is only as good as those who stand behind it; unfortunately, whether they do, or will, is something often discovered too late. I am please to give this report based on my recent experience with the"service" end of the business: WOW. It is nice to be able to say to those I know...Buy will never be sorry you did...not even when you need service...and in this day, that's a mouth full..."


"Misti, I called the QCA (800) number. Got to a tech by the name of Bob. He said he knows who you are. Bob knew what a filter housing was. He didn't assume it was a filter element or cartridge. He didn't ask twice what pool or what it was I needed. I placed my order through Bob. Deals done. Thanks for your speedy knee-jerk reactions."

John Skuz

"Bob called me yesterday afternoon, probably within an hour of my email to you...thanks for the quick response! After speaking with him and walking me through some tests with the hot tub, he determined the problem was the heater. He is sending me a new heater and I'm sending back the old one."