Chemical Safety

    • Keep all products out of reach of children. Always keep an eye on where any children and pets are in relation to product containers. Handle all products carefully.
    • Store all products in a dry, well-ventilated area with the lids securely fastened. Never store in direct sunlight. Never store products near a heat source or an open flame.
    • Never store sanitizers next to pool equipment. Do not store liquid products above dry products. Do not store pool products and garden products (such as fertilizers, insecticides, etc.) in the same area.
    • Never mix products together. Always add product into sufficient water. Never add water to products. Gassing or explosion may occur.
    • Read and follow all label directions. Do not exceed directed measuring utensils. This is costly and can be harmful to swimmers as well as your pool equipment.
    • Use clean, dry, plastic cups or scoops in products requiring measuring utensils. Do not put a wet scoop back in the container.
    • Do not inhale fumes or allow products to contact eyes, ears, nose, or mouth.
    • Use only products specifically recommended for chlorinators and brominators.
    • Be familiar with first aid instructions on all product containers. Have emergency medical and poison control center phone numbers handy at all times.
    • Do not smoke when handling products.
    • Keep products away from grass and landscaping. Product spills should be handed immediately per label instructions.

    Pool Safety

    • Pool depth markings, security fencing, and pool rules signs are recommended.
    • Safety equipment should include a life ring, safety hook, and a first aid kit.
    • An experienced swimmer should be present whenever a non-swimmer or a child is in the pool area.
    • The pool should be vacated during an electrical storm.
    • Always supervise children and guests who cannot swim, in or near the pool.
    • Keep glassware away from the pool.
    • Never dive into the shallow end or areas marked "NO DIVING"
    • Clearly mark water's depth to prevent accidents.
    • Keep area around the pool clear of debris.
    • Practice safe use of diving board, slide, and toys.