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Pool Frog in Ground Cycler In-line Mineral Purifier.
In Ground FROG Cycler Package: In-line mineral purifier with 2" male adapters for use on in ground pools up to 40,000 gallons. Operations video included. With Mineral Reservoir Series #5412.


The FROG hardware is three parts in one:

1. The FROG cycler serves as a "water treatment center" and controls the flow of water.

2. There is a cycler inside the FROG reservoir that's removable and holds the minerals.

3. Inside the FROG reservoir is a CHLORINE PAC.

These pieces are nested together in one complete unit - NO extra plumbing. The FROG makes the water feel softer and sparkling clean. It fights bacteria and eliminates algae prevention. The minerals help to keep your water pH balanced by acting as a neutralizer.

POOL FROG IN GROUND is a complete system of Minerals and Chlorine, with a precise dial for achieving at least 0.5 ppm chlorine level. Includes a POOL FROG Cycler 5400 and Mineral Reservoir Series 5400. Cycler is in-line with 2" male adapters installed for pools up 40,000 gallons. The Mineral Reservoir lasts 6 months.  The POOL FROG® Cycler acts as the "water treatment center" and controls the flow of water through the system. No extra plumbing, no electricity, no extra headaches!

The POOL FROG® Mineral Reservoir, which contains our EPA registered mineral formula, fits inside the Cycler. The minerals continually replenish themselves for added protection against bacteria, as well as keeping your pool's pH balanced by acting as a neutralizer. One Mineral Reservoir will last the full season or up to 6 months; use two reservoirs for year-round pools.  The pre-filled chlorine Bac Pac is then inserted into the Mineral Reservoir dispensing low levels of chlorine for 1-3 weeks. The complete POOL FROG® System allows you to cut chlorine use by up to 50%* over standard water treatment programs.

The patented Control Dial on the front of the Cycler lets you manage the amount of water flowing through the system. Water is circulated upward into the Mineral Reservoir and chlorine Bac Pac simultaneously. The erosion design of this system continuously dispenses chlorine at a precise low level (only 0.5 is needed). Once you've determined the correct setting for your pool just set it, then forget it, for weeks at a time!

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