Trevi Pool Features

The Trevi Pool

  • Resin or steel safety top seat
  • Resin or steel uprights.  For oval pool, steel upright always in the straight section
  • Corrugated steel wall for greater sturdiness
  • Polymer wall coating to protect against corrosion and oxidation.
  • Galvanized bottom track and top plate.

Special Features

  • The superior quality top seat, made of synthetic resin, features uniform calibration, UV treatment against discoloration and a molecular memory to prevent warping.  In addition, the top seat is totally resistant to corrosion and scratches.  (206 only)
  • Unique to Trevi, the double pool support post ad stay assemblies are designed for superior strength as well as aesthetics (on the straight side of a oval pool only).
  • The bottom safety track, made of galvanized steel, guarantees the stability of your pool.
  • Resin joiner plate.  Safe, easy to install and corrosion proof.

Ten Steel Wall components

  • Plasticized SP coating
  • Molten zinc coat
  • Primer coat
  • Application of an alkaline solution to cleanse the oxides.
  • Ultra-resistant polymer
  • Heat-hardened inlay
  • Primer coat
  • Chromate anti-rust coat
  • Steel wall core
  • Application of an alkaline solution to cleanse the oxides

Structural Elements

  • 7” resin top seat (steel on model 106 only)
  • Resin seat cap
  • Polymer and steel coping
  • Resin joint plate
  • 52” steel wall
  • Resin upright (steel on 106 only)


  • Exclusive liner locking system
  • Preventing liner setback in case of movements caused by freezing or thaw, and increases overall pool stability.
  • (Available only with “U-bead” liner.)
  • Plastic coupler to be used only for overlap