Open an Above Ground Pool

Pool Opening

  • Remove winter cover-  With all solid covers, be sure to drain off all standing water to ensure it does not get into the pool. Sweep off and clean the cover to prevent odors and damage. Place cover ina a dry place away from weathering, the sun, and animals.
  • Hook Up Equipment-  Reassemble the filter and pump hoses. Reminder: Be sure to connect equipment before filling pool. Also, be sure to fill the pool before turning equipment on.
  • Fill the Pool-  Fill the pool up to the middle of the skimmer opening.
  • Clean Pool Surfaces-  Brush walls and floor, and manually vacuum the pool. Use Swim Eeze(tm) Surface Magic on liner and stairs to remove the waterline, oil, and grease.
  • Test and Balance Water-  Bring in a water sample so we can test all your levels. Once water tests 1.0 - 3.0 ppm for Swim Eeze(tm) chlorine sanitizer, 7.4 - 7.6 for pH, and 125 - 150 ppm for Swim Eeze(tm) Alkalinity Plus, you are ready to jump in.
  • Add Swim Eeze(tm) Products-  Shock your pool with Swim Eeze(tm) Super Zappit to remove waste from the winter. Add Swim Eeze(tm) AlgaeClear 30, AlgaeClear 60, or Algae Buster to prevent and eliminate algae.