In-ground Pools

Building an Inground pool can be a nail biting decision.  How big should I make it?  Should I put in a diving board? Is an auto cover the way to go?

Owning your own inground swimming pool lets you open your backdoor on a whole new lifestyle.  When you own a pool, there's no need to drive, no packing, no waiting in traffic, no hassles, etc.  You'll stay home more often, because your home has now become your own, private vacation resort.  You'll feel better physically, too!  Swimming means healthful exercise and is the ideal way to stay in shape.  It's been endorsed by the American Heart Assocation and the President's Council on Physical Fitness.  Exercising in water is easier on your muscles and joints; so, no more tennis elbow or jogger's knee! 

THe Fox pool building method, using the X-Brace (TM) concept and Fox-made liners, allows your builder to design a pool that is limited only by your imagination and budget.  All custom pools must conform to current APSP safety standards.  If you have a specific idea or would like to let your imagination flow, call us at 563-359-3558 and ask for Jim Ketelsen.  We have pictures on our Photo page and you can also check Fox Pools website out at 

Fox exclusive

Fox X-Brace construction gives you a pool that's self-supporting with or without water.  Fox Pools uses some of the same technologies used in building bridges, tall buildings, water towers and other structures that require high strength due to high stress.  Your swimming pool holds thousands of gallons of water while holding back thousands of pounds of earth.  In order to ensure structural integrity over many years, it is important that your pool walls will remain intact regardless of external forces.  With the Fox X-Brace (TM) technology you get just that.  Patented by Fox, the X-Brace (TM) structure provides 100% support for your pool deck without concern for internal or external pressures.  Don't be fooled by limitations, demand the original X-Brace (TM) only available from Fox.


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