Hayward Filter Valve Controls

Filter – Set valve to FILTER for normal filtering. Also use for vacuuming pool.

Waste – For draining or lowering water level and for vacuuming heavy debris directly out of backwash hose.

Close – Shuts the flow off from pump to filter, allowing yourself to clean your pump basket without losing a lot of water. Turn pump lid counter clockwise to get to your pump basket.

Backwash – Is for cleaning your sand filter. When filter pressure gauge is 8-10 above your normal range. Stop the pump, and set valve to BACKWASH. It takes approximately two minutes, but when the sight glass is clear, turn pump off, and proceed to rinse.

Rinse – After backwashing your filter, with pump off, proceed to RINSE. This makes sure that all dirty water that’s been backwashed is removed and doesn’t have a chance of returning to the pool. Takes approximately thirty seconds to one minute. When done set valve back to FILTER to continue your filtration.

Recirculate – Water recirculates through the pool, bypassing the filter.

**Note** Make sure when turning filter valve, do not only turn the valve handle clockwise but shut pump off first. Not doing so could result in serious injury to self or someone else.