Close an Above Ground Pool

Pool Closing

1) Bring in a water sample to be sure the water is balanced.

2) Brush and vacuum pool.

3) Backwash to clean the sand.

4) Add Winter Care Winterizing Kit to pool and allow products to circulate for 12-24 hours.

5) After waiting 12-24 hours, backwash to waste until the water reaches the bottom of the skimmer.

6) When water reaches the bottom of the skimmer, turn off pump.

7) Siphon the water another few inches below the skimmer.

8) Disconnect all of the hoses from the pool. (This includes the skimmer and return lines.)

9) Set the filter head on the winter position.

10) Remove the drain plugs off the filter and pump, and allow all the water to drain.

11) *OPTIONAL* Remove the filter head and pump and place inside or in storage.

12) Place a cover or tarp over the filter barrel. (If the filter head and pump were not removed, place cover or tarp over all equipment.)

13) Put on the winter cover.

14) Once the cover is secure, use a garden hose and put a couple inches of water on top of the cover. (This prevents the cover from blowing off and holds it in place.)