Paradise Series

Paradise Series

True Paradise


If only the best will do, you have now reached Paradise! The Paradise series is our top-of-the-line spas: powerhouses of hydro-therapy. From patented hydro massage seats including the Wave max, Hydro max and Roto-Massage, it is like having a personal masseuse with the added bonus of buoyancy and water therapy!

You will love the ergonomic design and spaciousness of these spas built for 6-8. The Paradise series offers up to 144 massage jets including programmable hydrotherapy seats, neck/shoulder jets and turbo massage. Choose your ideal massage with state of the art topside controls, 3 hi-flow pumps, multi speed air-blower and a manifold plumbing system for even distribution. Every convenience and option is built into these spas.

Experience Paradise at home every day with the best hydrotherapy spa available from a company that has been building quality spas since 1966.


  Paradise XL
Paradise Supreme XLP Paradise Ultra XLP
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